Sommet des Leaders de la Finance 2022



Our history A&M was founded in 1983 when Tony Alvarez II and Bryan Marsal recognised the opportunity to provide radically different advice and hands-on support to organisations facing operational and financial hurdles – situations demanding action, objectivity, and real results. They believed then, as the firm still does now, that operational excellence is the heartbeat of growth for every company. Our hands-on operations experience paved the way for us becoming the “go-to” professional services firm for turnaround, operations, and performance improvement. A&M France Over the last couple years, A&M has seen incredible growth in France. The A&M teams in Paris offer a multidisciplinary approach which along with restructuring (operational, financial), cover due diligence (financial, operational, IT, valuations) and the transformations and turnaround of enterprises. The firm works with Corporates as well as Private Equity funds. The firm’s positioning is unique; A&M’s expertise includes providing senior-led teams and breakthrough approaches that are combined with strong execution and rapid action-orientated decision making. A&M’s approach is shown through tangible results quickly showing their value. This differentiated approach is increasingly being recognised by leaders within France (and beyond).